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CanisAlbus is now on Society6

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I’m still in the middle of progress of filling my gallery, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send me a notification and I’ll gladly add the piece for you!

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You just won’t regret watching this.

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The struggles of an artist feat. Jean Kirschstein

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The Jean Kirschstein Opening 





Today I got into an argument with my Aunt because she was upset that her daughter was dating a girl so I said

"Do you really think you should fall in love with someone’s genitals over their soul? Because that’s shallow and sad"

And my 75 year old grandmother who was sitting in her rocking chair, and who hasn’t said a word for the past hour screamed “OH BURN” and hit my aunt with a fly swatter

image My gramma is a special lady okay.


so, that was the first thing which crossed my mind when I was finishing ‘Free!’. Makoto would be the cutest shifter EVER. 



If this is from the OAD then it’s probably the best birthday present for Jean, tbh


Success, a short comic about following your dreams

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we’re deleting all snk fandom blogs, go out and read a bible

I have friends who kind of have that attitude, where they openly talk about how 'female characters tend to annoy me'. They don't hate ALL female characters, but they defnitely have double standards and they pretty much know it, and then they LAUGH about it and it really grates on my nerves but I don't know what to say to them :/

I’m sorry to hear that, having to deal with someone’s double standards isn’t actually what you’d want to go through every day. >_> I actually overheard a conversation about this topic in school some time ago and interestingly but also quite accurately (well, at least in my opinion) it ended up a conclusion that it’s quite often the cultural differences which make some characters appear somewhat annoying (for example, what it comes to the conception of cute, etc.). When I was in Japan, I actually had to explain those things to my confused parents, so it might have some truth behind it.

Of course there’s more to it, and if someone just hates a character, I don’t really give a damn because it’s not like it’d really be me my business (even though I usually want to know the reason just because I’m curious like that and if I know the person is willing to discuss about this kind of things). But I don’t really see the point of being so prejudiced against, well, anything because of a gender in general - which seems to happen especially to female characters with more feminine traits. But it’s not like all of them would be badly written AND besides, for every sloppy female, there’s always a just as bad male if you ask me.

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Art by まる

Translation by morningreminiscence

More SNK kindergarten for you guys! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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Reblog if you’re an Ackerman

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Tactics for getting your person out of bed:

  1. Look irresistibly cute

talk shit get hit

I was supposed to get this finished for Eren’s birthday but my life’s keeping me busy rn. ;; But at least I got something more detailed done for once!

I was supposed to get this finished for Eren’s birthday but my life’s keeping me busy rn. ;; But at least I got something more detailed done for once!